A Consistent Customer Care Experience

Meet Rebecca - your best customer service agent. Imagine if every agent knew what Rebecca would say and could interact with your customers in her voice. Finally brands can have a consistent customer support experience at scale.

Technology Supporting Agents

By suggesting the best responses to your agents, they will respond quicker and more accuractley, driving more sucessful interactions, reducing wait times and increasing NPS.

"On-Board" Once

Customer service centers and representatives have high turn-over, leaving large training and onboarding costs within the organization. Augment enables automation in ramping up an agent - minimizing the cost of getting agents up to speed while getting them to higher quality scores in a shorter amount of time.

Augment Capabilities


We’ve partnered with the world’s leading CRM systems and live chat providers. Our text-based chatbot solution is integrated with all your messaging channels, out of the box.

Enhanced Data Through Social Chat

Social login attributes allow us to learn more effectively the customer's needs. Using those demographics, we are able to create better suggestions and solutions for the consumer.

Continuous Learning Capabilities

Augment's Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing engine gets smarter throughout every new agent interaction. Using data from your strongest agents and past interactions, our engine can emulate conversations that resulted in higher NPS scores.

Platform Scalability

Efficiently handle demand from campaigns of any size. We've successfully integrated with 100 person contact centers to 1000 person contact centers. We're ready for the challenge.

We have a combined 45+ years of product marketing, robotics, artifical intelligence, natural language processing, and transformative business integration experience.

Our platform and tools are prepared to help you scale your text based customer support offering. Our mission is to help you be there for consumers, anytime, anywhere.